Last Updated: April 25, 2021

Welcome to our Now page! This page shows a glimpse of what each of us Chens are up to right now (or at least, as of the date listed above).

Dad (Tim)

Tim is busy ___.

Mom (Linda)

Linda is currently taking two classes from the University of the Holy Land, leading a Bible memorization challenge for families in China, and ___.

Catherine (17)

Catherine has, as always, many things to do! Besides taking classes, devouring books, and working on various projects, she maintains our family sites and keeps them fresh and running. She is currently working as a web developer, and is looking forward to attending USC as a Computer Science (Games) major in the fall.

Catherine also has her own Now page on her website, which you can check out at

Grace (16)

Grace is

Anabel (15)

Anabel is busy taking college classes in Anatomy, Organic Chemistry, Calculus II, Kinesiology, and English. Besides that, she is also working as a Supplemental Instructional Leader for a math class. Anabel is looking forward to attending Biola University or UC Irvine this fall.

Theodore (13)

Theodore is learning 3D modelling ___. He is also taking his first college class this semester, the same math class that Anabel is an SI Leader for.

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